British Street Food Festival in Cardiff

One of the main things that I love about living in Cardiff is that there is always so much going on. Pick any day of the week in any given month and I can guarantee that you will find something fun and different to do. This weekend, for me, this just happened to be visiting the British Street Food Festival. My housemate first told me about this event and as soon as she mentioned how much variety of food would be there, I was sold. I am definitely a girl who appreciates and loves her food.

British Street Food Festival

Located just on the opposite side of the busy city centre away from the hustle and bustle, a variety of food traders were set up and just waiting to be discovered. There was an entry fee this weekend for the festival priced at £5, but with the entry ticket came a voucher for a free drink at the bar. Free alcohol is not something to be sniffed at and myself and my two friends were happy enough with that offer.

As we walked through the entrance, there were so many different food vendors set up in vans to advertise their delicious food. There was also a tent sent up in the middle which was filled with bars and a seating area for everyone to chill out and enjoy themselves. I absolutely loved that there was a DJ and disco ball to liven up the atmosphere. The DJ definitely helped me to enjoy the event even more after playing some of favourite old songs that I would expect to hear on Kiss-tory.

British Street Food Festival

One of the first things that I tried was a burger and chunky chips from Nelly’s Burger Bar. Since the bar that served my favourite burger in the world changed owners and recipes, I’ve been searching for the best burger in Cardiff. Burgers are one of my favourite meals so I’m usually quite critical when I have one. I was quite impressed with this burger in all honesty. I had a Naked burger, which was a plain beef burger with salad, and chunky chips. I don’t want my burgers to be all singing and dancing with hundreds of toppings, I just like a good old fashioned beef burger. And this one really did the job. The British beef meat tasted fantastic and overall I was just so happy with this meal. I need to hunt down the restaurant and make it one of my new favourite places!

Nelly's Burger

Another thing I just HAD to try was pizza from the Pizza Bike, Smallest Pizzeria in the World. I thought this was such a wonderful idea. these guys literally cooked us a Margherita pizza from the back of a push bike. And oh my gosh this tasted fantastic! Although it did come out looking a little weirdly shaped, I was so in love with this pizza. You all need to search for these guys and try their wonderful food for yourself!

Pizza Bike

The last place that I tried was obviously a desert place. And what better desert is there than a crème brûlée with ice cream? I think none. For the whole time that we were there, the Wild Fig Farm/ The Brûlée Bar constantly had a massive queue of people dying to try their food. And me and my friends were among them. I ended up choosing a chocolate crème brûlée with honey and fig ice cream and a wild berry compote topping. I’m lactose intolerant, so this was a slightly risky move on my part. But I didn’t regret my decision. They tasted perfect and despite being a chocolate desert, it wasn’t overpowering or sickly. And I need to get my hands on this ice cream. I need endless amounts of it in my freezer. These guys were so spot on.

Wild Fig Farm

I wish I could have tried more food from these places but I was absolutely stuffed. Of course, my friends did try some of the other food so here are some pictures of what they sampled. I did sneak a tiny bit of my housemate’s Saucy Lamb Balls dish from the Cheeky Indian and they were incredible too. Maybe not something I would have originally ordered for myself, but this is the beauty of these festivals. If you get chance to visit any of these festivals in Cardiff throughout June, give it a go guys!

Brit Food Festival


  1. Whoaaaa! That burger! 😻😋👌🏼
    Have a great week!
    Lots of xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

    1. The burger was so amazing! Thanks for checking out my blog:) x

      1. you’re welcome lovely! 🙂 xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

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