Burger and Lobster Cardiff

I’m a little late uploading this post, but I recently visited Cardiff’s Burger and Lobster with my brother. I was so excited to try this place as I’m a really big fan of lobster. And it looks pretty fancy from the outside so I was keen to see the inside. 

 burger and lobster cardiff

And it was as fancy on the inside as I thought it would be. Good to know. We had a great positioned table that allowed us to people watch outside and inside. This is definitely one of my favourite hobbies. But anyways, back to the food. 

 burger and lobster cardiff

I absolutely adored this food. I really appreciate the butter sauce that came with the lobster. It tasted amazing and was cooked to absolute perfection, which impressed me even more. Although the food tasted great, it was a little tricky to manoeuvre so I definitely wouldn’t recommend this restaurant as a place for a first date. At one point, my brother even managed to hit my head with a piece of lobster shell. How lovely. 

 burger and lobster cardiff 
  But I love how prepared they were for these scenarios as they provided us little adult bibs and hand wipes. Simple details late that impress me so much. 
 burger and lobster cardiff

And of course, yes I did order a desert- despite trying to be on a health kick. I had a cheesecake (my favourite) which was really interesting as it was served completely upside down to what I’m used to, with the biscuit base on the top of the fruit and creamy part. I liked this little idea a lot, mixing it up and all that! 

 burger and lobster cardiff

I would definitely go back here and would recommend it to anyone who likes lobsters or fancy burgers! But at £20, it could be a little pricey for an average student night out for a meal, but it would be perfect for special occasions or that little end of module treat. 


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