Skincare Launch? I’m There -No7 Early Defence 

So last week, No7 launched a new edition to their skincare range, Early Defence. This range includes a day cream, night cream and an eye cream. The range is marketed as an early defence for young skin against ageing and is targeted towards 20-35 year olds. This is not really something I want to think about since I’m only 20 and wrinkles are hopefully something very far away for me, even if I am their target audience. I don’t like to think about the future of my skin, mainly because it scares me but I know it’s really important to look after your skin while you’re still  young. Since the range is meant to protect your skin with 5* UVA protection and an spf15, I was more drawn towards the day cream. I know these are some really useful features of a daily moisturiser. And of course, because it’s something new, I was all over it. So before I went out and bought this product, I went to Boots and got myself a little sample of the day cream to try for a few days to form my opinion.

no7 early defence
This whole range consists of very light moisturisers compared to other No7 creams that I’ve previously bought for my mother. Personally, I tend to use a heavier moisturiser because my skin is so dry, so this was a pretty new experience for me. It felt extremely light, and after applying it to my skin, it glided on very easily and was absorbed into my skin very quickly. I didn’t use a lot of this, even though I was tempted to. But I found that the small amount that I used was more than enough for my skin to feel nourished without feeling greasy. The day cream smelt very fresh and reminded me of a cucumber scent. This was pretty great because weirdly enough, it made my face feel even fresher after my morning shower and I’m definitely not complaining about that. And one thing I appreciate about No7 is that all their products are hypo-allergenic so they’re less likely to irritate my super sensitive skin.

no7 early defence
no7 early defence
One of my main concerns with moisturisers is the appearence of it after I have applied my foundation. I use Estée Lauder Double Wear and for those of you who have used this, you’ll know it’s a pretty heavy coverage. I love about the foundation, but this can also dry out my skin if I use the wrong moisturiser as a base. This is not a good look an usually results in me looking like a lizard shedding its skin! But I’m very happy to report that throughout the day, my make-up has stayed in place flawlessly and my skin has not dried out at all. This is amazing news for me because it means I’ve found a second mosituriser that my skin actually likes for a change!

no7 early defence
I’ve only used the cream for two days so I can’t really say if it’s slowing down the ageing process of my skin and all that, but I know it’s leaving my skin in a good condition. This makes me very tempted to try the night cream within the range also but one thing at a time, right?

At £19.50, I know a lot of people would think this might be a little pricey for a moisturiser. But I’m one of those people who believe (most of the time), you really do get what you pay for. With skincare, I’d probably pay a mch higher amount for a product that does what it says on the tin. Usually, I spend over £20 on my Benefit Moisturiser so I feel like I can totally justify buying this product as a slightly cheaper alternative. I’m also very happy at the moment that Boots are giving out vouchers for £5 off No7 skincare so it will actually be even cheaper than the original price- at least for a little while!


  1. Natalie · · Reply

    I think I might get this type next time! xxx

    1. You should, I would recommend it!

      1. Natalie · ·

        Do I look wrinkly then 😂

      2. No 😂 it’s just a good moisturiser!

      3. Natalie · ·

        🙊 hehe, I was only joking! I am fairly new to No7, so am enjoying what I have so far, but will deffo give it a try! xx

  2. I really want to give this a go! I will have to try it out. I have a voucher.


    1. Ahh sounds good. Let me know what you think!

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