Visiting Bristol Zoo

Last week in the UK, we were lucky enough to have a bank holiday weekend. Basically, this means a 4 day weekend where I didn’t have to work Sunday because it was Easter- woo! 

So I took the time to finally get around to visiting a zoo. I’ve wanted to go for such a long time but because of massive uni deadlines, I didn’t feel like I could spare myself the day off! Bristol isn’t very far away from my little home in Cardiff, so it was quite an easy journey too. 

When we entered the zoo, we were told that our entry fee included a small donation to the zoo to care for the animals. I thought this was quite a sweet touch. Besides, £15.99 was a pretty reasonable price to pay for entry. 

One of the first animals that we saw when we walked in was the lions pen. These were so gorgeous! I couldn’t believe how big they were up close- you would definitely not like one of those chasing after you. My only concern with this part was that the pen seemed quite small for the lions and there wasn’t really much room to roam about. So I wasn’t really sure how I felt about this part. 

 lions at bristol zoo  

lions at bristol zoo 

I was also so excited to visit the Penguins. I have so much love for these adorable little guys so I was very happy to see them up close and personal.

 penguins at bristol zoo

 penguins at bristol zoo


 They seemed quite happy and lived in a happy little pen next to an otter pool. We were able to watch the otters swimming under water so that was pretty impressive. I may have felt like a child on a day out- I was pretty excited. 

But I don’t think this compared to my excitement when I visited the meerkats! I had no idea how tiny these gorgeous little creatures were! They looked so sweet and cuddly and seemed to be running all over the place. We were even lucky enough to see baby meerkats. It’s fair to say I may have fallen in love with them a little bit. It took me so long to pull myself away from my new litte friends. 

 meerkats at bristol zoo  

meerkats at bristol zoo 

Then we eventually got around to the beautiful butterfly house. I’d heard about this part of the zoo before but I had no idea how great it would be in real life. We walked into a room that looked like a private garden and there were butterflies flying all around us. There were way too many lovely colours and types of butterflies- we probably didn’t even see half of the one that were actually in there. I was hoping one of them would land on my hand or something but sadly that was not to be, so I just took some photos up close and personal instead. 

 butterflies at bristol zoo  

butterflies at bristol zoo  butterflies at bristol zoo  butterflies at bristol zoo

There were so many other great animas at the zoo, probably too many to even mention! So there is just a few for you to have a look at. 

I do sort of wish the zoo was bigger, not just for more animals but I would probably like the animals there to have so much more space. But I think it’s great that the zoo are looking after such rare animals. If you are inspired to take a look at the zoo for yourself, take a look at their website

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