Saying Yes Yes Yes to Lush Massage Bar

Lush cosmeticsI love buying Lush stuff. I really really do. As you can tell from the basket in my photo (which was a WONDERFUL present) , I love building a collection of things so that I always have a nice stock of things in my room. But recently, I wanted to venture out a little bit with my Lush goodies and instead of getting something typical like I usually would (insert face mask here), I decided to set my sights on a massage bar. Now, I love anything that promises to moisturise my skin and apparently, the massage bars are one of the best things to do this (apart from a typical body moisturiser of course). The warming sensation of the bar is also supposed to be great to use during a massage (as obviously suggested in the name).

Lush Yes Yes Yes Massage Bar I ended up with the Yes Yes Yes bar. Reading that out loud sounds like a bit of a mouthful and probably quite sexual but hey, there we go. Lush market this product as sexy, sultry and unadulterated anyways so I think that’s the direction the name was actually meant to head in. So I think they probably chose the perfect name for this one. Packed into this little bar of goodness is Ylang Ylang oil, Jasmine Absolute, Organic Cocoa Butter and Rose Absolute. With all of these buttery ingredients and relaxing oils, it glides on easily to the skin, making it very simple to apply. I tend to like rubbing the massage bar between my hands a lot before using it. It warms up the bar and makes it glide onto my skin easier than trying to directly rub it in and I actually think it feels nicer when it’s warm.

lush yes yes yes massage bar One of my main things I like about this is that it leaves a lovely floral scent on your skin long after it has been completely absorbed into your skin. So not only does my skin end up feeling incredible, it leaves me smelling fresh which always makes me feel more relaxed. I don’t feel like you need to use a lot of this product to see results. I tend to think this about lots of Lush things. At £5.95, I think this is such a great product and perfect for relaxing days at home when you just want to chill out. So grab yourself one guys and let me know what you think of this!


  1. Picking one up next week! I love the scent of the “Lust” solid perfume, and this massage bar has almost the exact same scent, so I’m super stoked to pick one up! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I haven’t tried the solid perfumes yet, I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for reading!

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