Tangled Shower Gel Treat

Okay guys. Like many other people, I am a MASSIVE Disney fan. I tend to get hooked on one particular film at each time and at the moment, I’ve fallen in love with Tangled. I had the film for Christmas off my brother and I actually cannot stop watching it. It makes me really happy.

Disney Princess Bath and Shower Gel

So while I was in Boots the other day, I spotted this gorgeous little shower gel that I absolutely had to get my hands on! A TANGLED BATH AND SHOWER GEL. I know this is made for kids, so buying this did make me look a little childish. Especially because there’s glitter in it. I don’t think I’ve had a glitter shower gel since I was about 6. ย But I don’t actually care and besides, the packaging does say for all ages so I’m totally taking advantage of that. Because it’s aimed towards kids, this product is extremely mild and hypo-allergenic which is great for my super sensitive skin. And it has moisturising qualities which is always a bonus for me. But one of my favourite qualities is that it actually smells like raspberries and this is one of my favourite scents in the world.

Disney Princess Bath and Shower Gel

I know everyone has different favourite Disney princesses so I’m sure you’ll all be happy to find out that this shower gel features lots of different princesses from Cinderella to the amazing Frozen princesses. All you big kids out there seriously need to get your hands on one of these fab products!

Disney Princess Bath and Shower Gel


  1. bethemgee · · Reply

    Love this! Im a huge Disney fan too ๐Ÿ˜€ totally need to get this (once you said it had glitter in it, that was it! Im sold!!) x

    1. It’s such a cute product, I’m glad someone else loves it too x

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