You Me At Six and All Time Low on Tour Cardiff 2015

So last night, I was fully prepared for a chilled night in with my housemates. Then, my boyfriend decided to surprise me with last minute plans to go to a You Me At Six and All Time Low gig. How could I refuse? In all fairness, I’ve not really kept up to date with these bands in recent years so I was pretty excited to see how much I’d appreciate their music now and if I’d still enjoy it. But I usually like going to see live music so I didn’t think it would do me any harm. And I will happily hold up my hands and admit that I still knew the words to a large majority of their songs and was happily enjoying belting out the song lyrics with the rest of the crowd.

You Me At Six Cardiff 2015 IMG_2514

Out of the two bands, I have way more interest in listening to You Me At Six. I think their style is closer to Fall Out Boy (WHO ARE MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE). But that’s not to say that I hate All Time Low. It’s just, they were not my favourite when I was in my younger teen years so I’ve never really gotten into them. And I think because I wasn’t a massive fan, their interaction with the fans was a little bit annoying to me and didn’t really make me want to jump around and sing along to their music. But I don’t know, that might just not be my thing.

I thought You Me At Six were actually great performers and even though I’d never thought about seeing them live before, it was actually a pretty great experience. During the show, they also announced that the lead singer had a broken ankle and they were STILL doing their tour. To be fair, that’s some serious dedication to the fans so that’s pretty impressive. They interacted so well with the crowd and managed to get the crowd even more enthusiastic than I think they were at the start of the show which is always amazing to see. I also loved the staging of the show. I’m a sucker for lots of pyrotechnics and staging that really grabs your attention. And there was so much of this during this gig. My only big disappointment was that they didn’t play Always Attract which was one of my favourites when I was younger. I was actually standing there ready and waiting to light my phone up and wave it in the air singing along. But hey, you win some, you lose some. I loved hearing Crash live though. I’ve not played that in such a long time so it was really great to hear a song that I used to listen to on a daily basis performed live.

Just at the bottom here, I’ve uploaded a little video taken from the show to show you guys what a great atmosphere there was in Cardiff yesterday. It’s not amazing quality obviously because I was in the crowd and let’s be honest, I’m not amazing at camera-work. But I’m really glad I got to see the this, especially as You Me At Six really put on a great show.


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