Lush Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo Bar



So, I promised you guys a review on this product on my Jungle conditioner post so here it is! This is my third shampoo bar that I’ve tried from Lush but the second one that I’m posting about here on my little blog. I love the name of the product – Jason and the Argan Oil. It sounds like some sort of Disney movie. I mainly chose this shampoo because I wanted to nourish my hair and I thought that the oil in the shampoo would help to improve the overall condition of my hair. Lush market this product as helping you to gain ‘stronger, shinier and softer hair’. And it’s marketed as having a rose jam scent. It definitely has this and is in fact one of my favourite features of the product. It smells so insanely fresh but sweet. Not too sickly sweet though for those of you who hate that kind of thing! But the downside of the jam texture is that it tends to stick to my pot a lot more than my other shampoo bar which is a little sad and ends up in me wasting some of the product.

Lush Shampoo Bar Tin


Lush Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo


One of the best things about this product is that it leaves my scalp feeling so clean and amazing. Lush were not lying about this one! I think this is one of the better features of the Lush shampoo bars as a whole and is probably why I’ll stick to using them for a while. I like that my hair looks very fresh for a long time after using these bars and I will continue to rave about this because it’s not a quality that I find with a lot of other shampoos.  But I’m not as keen on this shampoo bar as I was about about my New Shampoo Bar. This is mainly because I think it leaves my hair with a very weird feeling texture. It’s not heavy and it’s not greasy but the best way to describe it would probably be very matte. It’s quite weird and I can’t say that I’m a massive fan of this. Overall though, my hair does feel a lot stronger which I suppose was why I bought this product in the first place so it’s all swings and roundabouts. It’s not really making my hair shinier though which is quite sad. But I think I’ll be venturing further into the shampoo bar range to see which one best suits my hair. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Lush Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo As always, thank you all so much for reading my blog! It’s lovely to read some of the lovely comments and checking out your blogs too.




  1. I will definitely have to try this! It looks like a fun product.

    1. You should give it a go! They’re so worth the money x

  2. Stephanie Bouzounis · · Reply

    I will definitely have to try this. I tried the LUSH green shampoo bar for cleansing (I forgot the name, haha), and I really liked it. Also, I think the name – Jason and the Argon Oil – may be a reference to Greek mythology’s Jason and the Argonauts. Haha, still a cute name and I love the pun.

    1. I’ve not tried the cleansing shampoo yet but I’ll definitely need to look into that one! Ooh I didn’t think of that. Thanks for much for your comment:) x

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