Building My Timberland Collection

I was so excited yesterday as I finally got to go and pick up my brand new Black Timberland boots. I went shopping to the Black Friday sales (but on Monday, I wasn’t crazy enough to go shopping on Friday), and managed to get 20% off them. I’ve been spying these boots for such a long time now and I was so insanely happy to find them to be on offer in Soletrader, Cardiff. I always end up buying my shoes in Soletrader because they always have a wide variety of shoes, mainly different colours than are in other typical shoe shops. And the service is always amazing! But anyway, I already have a pair of Sand coloured Timberlands. I wear them so much of the time, especially in this unreliable British weather. But now it’s time to build my collection.

Sand Coloured TImberlands

This pair of Timberlands are black all over. I know you can get some pairs that are black and have plain rubber soles but I wanted something that was completely black all over that wouldn’t clash with any outfits. What I like most about Timberlands is that they’re so warm and weatherproof. Perfect for the winter. Usually, this pair would have been £115, but I managed to pay £92 for them which was a pretty successful shopping afternoon for me. I’m really hoping to add to my collection a little more eventually by purchasing the honey coloured boots. But for now, I’m pretty happy with these two.Black Women's Timberland Boots


What do you guys think? What are your favourite winter boots?

Black Timberlands

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  1. […] from Miss Selfridge, I needed some very stylish shoes to match. Of course I have my tan coloured Timberlands, (which I’m still very much in love with) but I wanted something that would be more suitable […]

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