Estée Lauder Bloggers Event

Tonight, I was really lucky to be invited to my first bloggers event for Estée Lauder. Exciting stuff! Because I’d never been to an event like this before, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. But we spent about two hours with the beauty advisers and it was actually quite interesting and taught me a lot! There was a lot of information given to us so I’ll try to share as much as possible without dragging on for too long!


When we first went in, we were taken to a special conference room for a little bit of privacy to go through all the products. Laid out on the table was the main Estée Lauder skincare range. I’ve never really had enough time to go to the counter and look at all their skincare products so this was quite a nice opportunity. Skincare is one of the most important aspects of your beauty routine so it’s important that you pick products that are right for your skin and are of good quality. We were told that with heavy foundation, if you don’t take them off properly with a good skincare routine, the bit of make-up that remains on your skin can actually cause serious damage and even age your skin. So they took us through their range of make-up remover, cleansers, toners, moisturisers and serums. A lot of their skincare products can be used on all skin types which is really great. For those of you who regularly read my blog, you’ll know that I have VERY sensitive skin. But I was pleased to see that the majority of these products were fragrance free so didn’t irritate my skin in any way. I actually loved the feeling of the toners and cleansers on my skin. They made it feel insanely soft. I’m always a lover of any product that does that!

Estée Lauder Skincare We also got to try some of the serums from the skincare range. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews from their Advanced Night Repair Serum but as it’s £69, it’s a little bit pricey to buy on a student budget as an impulse purchase. I put this on the back of my hand first of all and straight away, my skin almost looked like it was glowing. I don’t even know how that’s possible but I couldn’t stop feeling my hand because it was so smooth.

Estée Lauder Serums

Later on the in the session, we took off all of our make-up with the skincare range to have a real feel of how it worked and I thought this was a good chance to see if the products were actually worth the money. Sometimes I’m a little too cynical to just go along with the hype. But I have to say that one of my favourite skincare products that I tried was the Take It Away make-up remover. I applied this product to all the areas of my face with my fingertips (apparently using cotton wool just wastes products and isn’t even a better method!). Then, I just wiped away all of my make-up with a tissue. It was crazy how easily my make-up came off. At £22, this product is really tempting me as it seems like a better method of taking my make-up off rather than constantly using make-up wipes. You can also get a 3in1 make-up remover, cleanser and toner and for £25, this does seem like quite a handy little product. Oh so tempting. Estée Lauder Make-up Remover After using this product, I applied toner, serum, moisturiser and then eye cream. This actually sounds like a really long skincare routine and I’m not going to lie, it’s very unlikely that I’d buy all of these products and do it everyday. But it was nice to give my skin a bit of a treatment. And I still can’t stop feeling my skin now. So maybe I would be tempted into buying a few of these products. But I’m very happy to say that we were given small samples of the Advanced Night Repair Serum so it’s really likely that I’ll upload a little review for you guys after I work my way through that little gem. Also, I’m going to be really brave here and upload a picture of my skin after they took off all of our make-up.

IMG_2221 But obviously, as our make-up was taken off, we got to have it put back. I couldn’t have sat down in the make-up chair fast enough. Although my face felt amazing, I’m really self-conscious as soon as my make-up is off so I was really excited to get foundation back on my face. I constantly RAVE about my Double Wear light on my blog so instead of just asking for that to be applied again, I wanted to try something a little different. So I asked to try the new Perfectionist foundation. This appeared to be a lot lighter than my Double Wear Light, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I could barely feel it on my skin. I have to say, I probably wouldn’t buy this to wear on a night out but this seems like a perfect daytime foundation. But at £37, I don’t feel like I could justify this product just to wear for daytime. But if I have the money, I’ll definitely buy it at some point. I also asked for a sample of the original Double Wear because I wanted to see how my skin would deal with this heavier version of my favourite foundation. So I’ll also do a little post for you guys on this too.

Estée Lauder Foundation Sample

Overall, I was pretty happy with how my make-up was done. On top of my foundation, the beauty assistant applied Perfecting Loose Powder in light. I barely even noticed this product going on my skin but it helped to set my foundation a lot. It’s a lot lighter than press powder and I found it took barely any effort to sweep across my skin. I actually really wanted this product after trying it. I also had bronzer and blusher applied but I didn’t really think they were any better than my Hoola Bronzer or my Nars Blusher (They’re my two great powder loves at the moment). But I was a massive fan of the lipstick that was applied. They wanted to give us a red lip look and I ended up going for Pure Colour Envy in Vengeful Red. Here’s a picture of my make-up once it was all done.

Estée Lauder makeover I think the lipstick was one of my favourite parts of the whole makeover and I think I’m going to put this on my Christmas list. Not only was the colour lovely, but it has a satin look to it and happens to be long lasting. It’s very rare that I find a lipstick as perfect as this one and I can’t rave enough about it. If you ever get chance, ask an Estée Lauder beauty advisor to try this lipstick range on you and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Estée Lauder lipstick in Vengeful Red After this event, I’d really recommend going to an Estée Lauder counter for make-up advice. Some beauty counters can be really pushy and make you feel like you have to buy something but watching these women work, they just seemed helpful in answering customer questions honestly and I really liked that. Customer service seems like an important aspect of this brand and I think people will appreciate that.

Estée Lauder counter




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    I’m so jealous! 🙂

    1. Aww thank you it was such a great learning experience. Thanks for reading my blig 🙂 x

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