Boots Seventeen Make-Up Star Gift!

I’ve been so bad for posting this week because uni work has been a little bit crazy so I apologise to all you guys! But this week, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to try the Seventeen make-up star gift for Boots. The Boots star gifts are always so good and are such good value for money!

seventeen the complete collection

I haven’t tried a lot of the Seventeen make-up in all honesty but with the products that I have tried I’ve been quite impressed with the products and their value for money. The set is called ‘Seventeen – The Complete Collection’ and there are so many products crammed into this set. Included in this set is: eyeshadows (quite a few good colours- all metallic though!), lip glosses, blusher, bronzer, mascara, kohl pencil eyeliner, make-up brushes, metallic eye cream, gel eyeliner, a pencil sharpener and eyelash curlers. Gosh that’s a lot! I couldn’t actually believe how much was in this little box. seventeen the complete collectionseventeen the complete collection

I had a little bit of a play around with it earlier, mainly with the eye make-up. I chose a few of the eyeshadows to mix together and I couldn’t wait to try their gel eyeliner! I loved the brown eyeshadow colours and I much prefer that to the smokey eye look, especially because I’m so pale sometimes smokey eyes can make me look more like I’ve gotten punched in the face and ended up with two black eyes! I used the metallic cream as a base for my eyeshadow because I find it helps to keep the make-up in place without creasing for a lot longer. I LOVE the texture of this metallic cream and it glides on so well with an eyeshadow brush. I used the light eyeshadow in the bottom row second on the left, the third eyeshadow in the top row of the eyes section and the last eyeshadow on the top row and then blended them all together. I quite like the look I ended up with and the colours are really quite pigmented which is impressive considering this is considered to be a cheaper brand. The gel eyeliner is something I feel like you’d have to get used to the more you use it. I’m used to using the Benefit Magic Ink eyeliner which has a different texture altogether and is a little easier to glide on. I used the flat eye brush to apply this seventeen liner so make sure that you put the gel on the pointy side of the brush to make it easier to apply. And try not to spread the brush because you don’t want the liner to end up covering your whole eyelid!


seventeen the complete collection


I also had a little play around with the blushers and the bronzer. I used the bronzer to contour my cheeks by brushing it along my cheekbone. I love doing this because it makes your face look a lot slimmer. I also then used the blusher to give my cheeks a little bit of colour. I absolutely adore the left blusher colour, it’s such a gorgeous light pink that doesn’t look drastic but gives you a healthy glow.

seventeen the complete collection


But my favourite part of the whole set was the colours of the lip glosses. With the make-up look that I chose, the best colour to use was the dark red lip gloss which was in the top row, the last on the right hand side. It’s such a gorgeous colour and has made me wonder how I’ve never discovered it before! The only thing I don’t like as much about lipglosses is that they never look as smooth as lipsticks (especially the MAC ones) but I’m pretty happy with this gloss, especially for the price!

seventeen the complete collection


For £17, this Star Gift is such a bargain for the amount you’re getting. Are you guys going to rush out and buy one?


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