Why Sex and the City Still Matters

In the last couple of weeks since I’ve gone back to my uni house, I’ve started watching the Sex and the City series from the beginning again. I do this at least a few times in a year because I love the show so much. I do this with a few of my favourite TV series’ but I think this one of the shows that will remain truly iconic for at least another few decades to come.


I know a lot of people who re-watch this show continuously and I started to think about why this might be. Yes, it’s a good TV show but there are so many other great TV shows out there that people don’t feel anywhere near as passionate about. So, I started thinking about why this might be and I thought back to a few conversations that I’ve had with my friends about the show. Usually, one of the main things people talk about with this show is asking what character you relate the most to. Personally, I think I’m more of a Carrie than any of the other characters. I think a lot of people think they’re more of a Carrie and one thing I’ve found curious is that no one ever says they’re like Miranda! Weird.


But I think the characters are so easy to relate to. Take Carrie, for instance. Her relationship with Mr Big is something that so many females can relate to. Lots of girls have had a relationship like Carrie and Mr Big.  But, for most people, that sort of relationship doesn’t have the storybook ending that Carrie and Mr Big get at the end of season 6 (Which is one of my favourite TV scenes!). Personally, I think I’d rather an Aidan than Mr Big – he was such a good guy!

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I absolutely adore the relationships between the four main female characters. We see them go through so many things in life that we could easily relate to and I think most people end up falling in love with their friendship especially in the episode where Charlotte deems the other three women her soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with. I think all girls want friends that are that loyal. I’m not going to lie, I think I have a few of these wonderful types.

image taken from tumblr But let’s not take this all too seriously! There are so many hilarious moments in Sex and the City that make you wonder how you would deal with something like that. Today, I finished the episode in season 6 where Samantha finds a grey hair in her pubic hair and decides to dye it, resulting in it turning ginger. Everyone remembers this, right? The show is full of shocking moments like that which make the characters so lovable, hilarious and compelling to watch.

And I think at some point in their life, any Sex and the City fan has posted a relevant quote on one of their social media pages. It’s a given that that will happen. I admit, I’m guilty of doing it at least once on my Instagram! My favourite quotes tend to come from Samatha. The character is just so laid back and causal about everything in life, it’s hard not to love her!

The test of a good relationship: are you like this? or like this?

The test of a good relationship: are you like this? or like this?

But the thing I love most is how strong these four women are in everything within the show. Some of the things they are shown going through are absolutely shocking and difficult to cope with, but it gives the impression that if you’re a strong woman, you can get through almost anything. And that’s nice to be reminded of every now and then.


What do you guys think of Sex and the City? Do you still love it and constantly re-watch it like I do?


  1. I rewatch it about once a year. Absolutely love Sex and the City and completely agree; we are strong women and we can go through anything, and come out the other side even stronger! What a lovely post, I really enjoyed reading it xx

    1. aww thank you! Thanks so much for reading my blog! xx

      1. No problem, I love your blog! xx

  2. Hey there! You have been nominated by me for th eOne lovely blog award! congrats xoxo

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    Great post!!

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