Midweek Beauty Haul

So, this semester I’ve been lucky enough to have Wednesdays off university. Usually, I’m a good little student and I get some work done and am very productive. But after this, I always end up going shopping with my housemate. Yesterday, I ended up going on a beauty spree because I wanted to try a few new products so I’m going to share my purchases with you guys today.

First of all, we took a trip to our E.L.F store which is a relatively new store for us in Cardiff. I’ve bought a few products from there before but I’ve never managed to feature them on my blog. So here goes.

e.l.f mascara primer

 My first product is a mascara primer. It’s priced as £3.95 which is pretty cheap and made it even more tempting to try. I tried this product this morning so I’ll give you guys my first thoughts on the product. It comes out quite white but the colour isn’t too striking so it doesn’t make your eyelashes grey when your mascara is on. I put this on before my mascara and it’s meant to help keep your mascara on longer throughout the day without flaking. In all fairness, this does seem to have worked today. Usually, because I layer mascara quite heavily, some of it flakes throughout the day no matter what mascara I use. So I was pretty impressed with this and it appears that it will become part of my daily make-up routine. Fabulous.

e.l.f eyelid primer

The second product I bought was an eyelid primer in sheer. This product was a complete steal at £1.95 so I’m really hoping I like the it.I bought this mainly because I wanted to use a lot of eyeshadow for Halloween so it’s more than likely that I will post a Face of the Day featuring this a little later on. So here’s for hoping!

e.l.f long-wear lipliner pencil

The final product I purchased from E.L.F was a long-wear Lip Liner Pencil in natural blush.. Again this was priced at £1.95 so I’m hoping that I’ll like it and it will be a complete bargain in my make-up. Bargain buys help me feel a lot less guilty about my splurges! It even comes with a handy little pencil sharpener for when the pencil starts to get a little blunt. How thoughtful of E.L.F!


Then I moved my splurge over to Boots, one of my favourite places in the world to shop! I first wanted to look at some more Autumn coloured nail varnishes. I did a post on one of my favourite Autumn colours a little while ago so I set off in search of more of a variety of colours so have a bit of a change. I ended up choosing three Gelly colours: Watermelon, Chai and Chilli. I applied Chilli almost immediately because I wanted a change from my boring matte black. I think it looks more like a brick red colour than a chilli colour but hey, as long as I like the colour, I’m not too hooked on the name.

Barry M Chilli Gelly

Barry M Chill Gelly Varnish

I’ve said it before but I stand by it, I really love Barry M Gelly colours. At £3.99, it’s such a good price and they look really great. With a top coat on them, I think they end up look like they’ve been done by a professional (if you paint them neatly, of course!) They stay on for quite a while too which I don’t usually find with cheaper nail varnishes. For the full range of colours, click here.

Barry M Gelly colours

Chill, Watermelon and Chai


When I bought these 3 nail varnishes, I got a mascara for FREE. Amazing! I’ve never tried a Barry M mascara before so this was a great opportunity to venture out a little. I chose Showgirl Extra Volumising Mascara. This product would usually be £4.99 which is pretty reasonably priced for a mascara.

barry m showgirl mascara I used this product today for the first time and these were my results for today. This was about 2 layers of mascara so it does appear to be buildable. For a daytime mascara, this does seem to be pretty good. It has stayed on all day but I did put a sneaky layer of They’re Real on top after this photo was taken to make sure that the mascara didn’t smudge. First thought I’d probably give this a 3.5 / 5.


I also took the opportunity to use up my points to get a new Benefit They’re Real mascara as mine’s currently nearly finished. I constantly rave about how much I love this mascara and I’ve been buying it for a few years now. It’s really great. It’s buildable, smudge proof and stays in place all day. Considering my lashes are really small, it makes my lashes look lengthened and much more voluminous. This product is regularly priced at £19.50 but when I went to Boots yesterday, they had an offer on with Benefit They’re Real Mascara, Push-Up liner and a sample of the eye make-up remover for the same price as the mascara on its’ own. I do prefer the other Benefit eyeliner, Magic Ink but I thought I would give the Push Up liner a second chance if it’s free.

Benefit The Real Steal

They’re Real Mascara, Eye Make-up Remover and Push Up Liner

So that was my beauty haul for this week and I’m hoping to put up reviews for individual products after I’ve used them for a little while. Have you guys used any of these products? If you have, drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of them.

Beauty Haul




  1. The watermelon nail varnish looks so nice! Reminds me of a christmasy colour. Barry M have some lovely colours at the moment 🙂 x

    1. They really do, theyre so great for changing colours depending on the seasons! Thanks for reading:) x

  2. I love the Barry M nail varnishes. I literally just bought all the new ones they brought out for autumn (including Chilli and Chai) and I have most of the other ones (including Watermelon, which is amazing). xxx

    1. They are so lovely, i think theyre my fave brand for nail colours now

  3. Benefit “They’re Real” mascara is the BOMB! I recently purchased it and I’m in love! I wrote a review of this set; I’m really pleased with Benefit 🙂

    1. They are so good! They cant be beaten on this mascara!

  4. megansbeautyblog · · Reply

    I’ve been thinking of buying the ELF eye primer for a while let me know if it’s good. 🙂

    1. I shall post a review of it as soon as I’ve used it! Thanks for reading my blog, pop back soon to see yhe priner review:) x

      1. megansbeautyblog · ·

        I will 🙂 x

  5. karisbeauty · · Reply

    I’ve never tried a primer before, love They’re Real, just not the price tag as much. KBxx

    1. primers are amazing, so worth it! They’re Real is expensive but think of it as an investment! Thanks for checking out my blog! x

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