Switching to Lush New Shampoo Bar

Lush New Shampoo Bar

I love Lush. Simple as that. I’ve never had a product from them that has disappointed me in any way and the products always last for such a long time. I reviewed their facemask, Mask of Magnaminty, a couple of months ago so please feel free to check that out too! But today, I want to talk about a shampoo product that I bought from them just over two weeks ago.

With products like this, I like to try them for a little while before I can form a proper opinion on them. This product is a
shampoo bar. It’s a solid shampoo bar that works almost like a soap that you can lather into your hair (or onto your hands first) and then wash your hair like you normally would. It’s meant to last for about 100 washes, so it made more sense money-wise too if it worked as well as I’d want. Weirdly enough, it’s called New shampoo bar and prices at £5.75. I’ve tried one of their shampoo bars before and I was really impressed so I wanted to go back for more.

Lush New Shampoo Bar

So many things appealed to me about this shampoo. First of all, one of its’ key ingredients is cinnamon, a scent which I absolutely love, especially for Autumn/Winter. I also loved the fact that it’s key ingredients (cinnamon, clove and peppermint) are meant to boost your hair growth by stimulating the hair follicles. Since I’ve just had my hair cut, I really want it to grow back happy and healthy so this seemed like the perfect product for me. It also boasts that the rosemary ingredient will help soothe your scalp. A lot of the products I’ve been using lately are too heavy for my hair and are not doing good things for my scalp so this looked like such a welcome change.

After using this product for a couple of weeks, I can safely say it’s done good things for my hair! The first thing I noted was that my hair felt a lot lighter as it didn’t leave the same build up as some shampoo products do. Because of this, my hair also appeared to look shiney and fresh for longer throughout the day which I loved. Usually my hair starts looking pretty dull towards the end of the day but with this, my hair keeps the ‘just washed’ look from morning to night- lovely! I also think my hair is starting to look like it’s growing faster, which is really great but only time will tell how well this product works in that sense. But so far, I’m liking my results.

This product can be a little awkward in the sense of storage because if you just leave it on the side of the bath, it does end up sticking to it and if you leave it under the shower, the water can make it dissolve. So, to avoid these problems, I bought a trusty little tin from Lush to store it in. This makes my life so much easier and makes it really easy to travel with.

Lush Shampoo Bar Tin

All in all, I love this product and it’s such a nice change from completely ordinary shampoos. Have a look at some of their shampoos bars, they are worth investing in!


  1. BeautyFull · · Reply

    How interesting, I would never have thought of getting this type of shampoo!!
    I must check it out sometime 🙂

    Could you do me a favor and check out my blog 🙂 http://vickeroe.wordpress.com/
    I think you might enjoy it!!

    Xx Vicky

    1. thanks for reading my blog! Yeah I’ll definitely check it out:) xx

  2. Great review! I’ve never tried their shampoo bars before but for the price it’s worth giving it a go! The tin can is a smart add-on 🙂 xo~ Lena

    1. thanks for much:) yeah I think the little tin is such a lovely little touch. Lush are the best! x

  3. This one looks so nice! They are kind of magical.

    1. they are! I don’t want to go back to regular shampoo now! Thanks for reading:) x

  4. Iv just purchased this shampoo bar and I can’t wait to try it out, great post!

    1. Its so good, i really like it! Thanks for reading my blog:)

      1. Yeah no probs, great job!

  5. I have wanted to try this for awhile and now i think i will! – Druhan http://druhanparker.wordpress.com/

    1. Its really good. I like it even more now after using it for a few weeks . Thanks for checking out my blog!

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