Britain’s Lost Women

I’ve neglected this section of my blog for quite a while now. This is mainly because my attention has been on other areas of my blog because my life has been centred around things like beauty, fitness, travel and entertainment in the last few months. But I felt like this topic was something I had to post about. I came across this topic after reading the October 2014 Cosmopolitan earlier and I actually can’t think about anything else at the moment.

I’ve inserted this video for people to get a general idea of what the campaign is about but I’m still going to tell you guys about it anyway. Basically, it is a campaign that is working towards remembrance for the women lost to honour killings in Britain. Numerous women are killed every year in Britain by their own families/parents because they have ‘disgraced’ and ‘shamed’ their families. This can include anything from being ‘too Western’, choosing their own boyfriends or even something as small as clothing items. Things most females in Britain wouldn’t even think twice about.

Cosmpolitan have teamed up with Karma Nirvana to bring this issue into the media and have launched a campaign to speak out and create a day of memory for these girls who suffer from violence in their own homes. It also calls for the Home Secretary Theresa May to dedicate a day of memory for these women. I think this campaign is so important and no one deserves to feel unsafe in their own home, especially for acts that are so minuscule. I believe that young women should have the freedom to say what they want to, be with who they want to and dress how they want to. This is a modern day human right. Well, if it isn’t, it should be.

Britain's Lost Women


This poster has been used to sum up the campaign and I think it is so effective. From a media point of view, it really draws in the audience and forces them to look at the issue with emotional perspective. What really got to me about this poster is the tiny baby hand print. I find it so hard to believe that parents who have brought a tiny little person into the world then go on to murder them later. This fact is so hard to grasp. The bloody hand print makes me feel sick just thinking about what happens to some of these women. The example that really got to me was the victim Shafilea Ahmed. This young women was murdered in her home by her parents who suffocated her with a plastic bag in the name of honour killing. I can’t even wrap my head around how someone thinks it’s okay to murder their child for being ‘too Western’. And the worst part was, she was murdered in front of her siblings, almost to set an example. I can’t even imagine how terrified they must have been and I have the deepest sympathy for them.

I think everyone needs to see this campaign and see all the good, hard work going into it.

If you feel as strongly about this as I do, to prevent this happening to other women in the future, please share this campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #britainslostwomen and please sign the campaign. 


I used the information provided by Cosmpolitan to produce this post and the link to their article is featured in my opening paragraph. 

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