Body Shop Buys

I am not afraid to admit it, I’m literally addicted to the Body Shop. I spend so much time and money looking at and smelling all the pretty wonderful things they have on offer. But no matter how many scents I’ve tried, raspberry will always be my favourite. Partly because I love raspberries and partly because I love pink and think it looks pretty in my room.

For a while, they got rid of the raspberry scents and it broke my heart so much. I remember stocking up on it before it got discontinued. So nothing made me happier than when I saw the ย raspberry range reappear in my local Body Shop.

My favourite products are the body butter and the body scrub. I prefer body butters especially in the winter because I think they’re thicker and I think they’re more hydrating for my skin (My skin is really dry. I’ve recommended my favourite things for dry skin in a previous post here). I also love that the scent of raspberries seems to last longer with my body butter rather than a body lotion. After using this, my skin feels so soft and always appears to be in such a good, healthy condition.


I also bought a jam-like body scrub. I always choose to use a scrub because I think it’s a good idea to buff my skin at least once a week to remove any dry skin excess and it creates a smoother base to apply a moisturiser. It helps to maintain my skin and it partners nicely with my body butter. This scrub is extremely grainy which I think makes it a lot better than other body scrubs on the market. Sometimes, I don’t think scrubs are intense enough so they don’t make enough difference to the skin. I feel like this about the Simple version. Not a fan at all.

I don’t use this product more than once a week though because I think that’d be a bit too much for my skin and if you exfoliate too much it makes your skin produce excess oil ย . I love the feel of this product. It literally just feels like goo that happens to smell incredible.


Both these products are such good buys and it’s insane value during student week. I managed to get both these products for about ยฃ12! This made me so happy! What are your favourite Body Shop buys?


  1. I love their body butters! I just recently bought my first one, and it is almost therapeutic it feels so great!

    1. They are lovely! What scent did you get?

      1. I don’t have it with me right now, but it’s a really fresh peach scent.

      2. Aww sounds lovely:) thanks for reading my blog!

      3. Thanks for providing good content!

  2. meaganxo · · Reply

    I’m obsessed with the body butters from the body shop as well. All their products smell sooo good ๐Ÿ˜

    1. They do!! It’s so hard not to get addicted and buy them all

  3. theaudreyfiles · · Reply

    I haven’t tried raspberry but I think I’ll have to check it out! ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. It’s so gorgeous and such a long lasting smell. It literally fills the whole bathroom

  4. I looooooove the body shop! My favourite scent is strawberry and I agree that their body butters and scrubs are amazing! I also really like their lip balms and I recently got some skincare from them ๐Ÿ˜Š x

    1. They are so good. They have the BEST body butters!

      1. I currently have 3 or 4 different scents of the body butters and a few shower gels and scrubs. I stock up when they have deals on! X

      2. Same, it’s the smart thing to do:) Thanks for checking out my blog xx

      3. That’s no problem! Thanks for the follow ๐Ÿ˜œ x

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