My Two New Mascara Reviews

It’s taken me a little while to getting around to publishing these reviews. This is mainly because I like to use mascara for a little while before passing judgement on them. Mascara is by far my favourite make-up product so I’m usually quite fussy with them. Usually, my favourite is Benefit They’re Real mascara but I’ve been a bit adventurous lately and purchased two new mascaras.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

The first mascara I bought was Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara. This came in my Benefit Tan About Town Set which I’ve written about in a previous blog post. Now, because this is a Benefit product, I had high expectations for this mascara. A lot of people have said negative things about this mascara but I’m leaning more towards the positive opinion on this product. It isn’t waterproof so if you layer this mascara too much, it might smudge. But I tend to use this as a base mascara (yeah I layer mascaras for a fuller look). I like it because it separates my lashes and gives a natural look. It doesn’t feel heavy which I like for a base mascara.

Results after using Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Results after using Bad Gal Lash Mascara


I do like this product and it does look nice and natural on its own. But most of the time I don’t like really natural looking mascaras because my eyelashes are quite short and not very voluminous naturally so they do tend to need a bit of enhancement.  It is build-able but it’s not as good as They’re Real so I probably wouldn’t buy this product again. Bad Gal Lash Mascara

The second mascara I bought whilst I was on holiday in Milan. Mainly, I bought this because I wanted to see what Italian make-up was like and it was pretty cheap at €7. The brand is called Kiko Make Up Milano and you can order make-up from this brand online which I was really happy to find out. I was surprised by how much I actually love this mascara. I bought the Ultra Tech Mascara which has different sides to the brush head to separate and lengthen lashes. And I love that this product actually does what it says on the tin. It’s a very buildable mascara which I love because you can start from natural lashes and create bold lashes for a night-out look. It’s not a waterproof mascara but I’ve found that it doesn’t smudge very easily so it stays on all day very nicely.

Results after using Kiko Ultra Tech Mascara

Results after using Kiko Ultra Tech Mascara

My lashes look incredible long and full with this mascara and I can’t even say enough good things about it. It’s definitely worth ordering and I think I’m going to be ordering more products from them really soon (especially because the prices are so good!).


Kiko Make Up Milano Ultra Tech Mascara

For best results with any mascara, always use an eyelash curler. My current favourite is the No7 eyelash curler. It doesn’t damage my eyelashes and gives them a nice full curl that lasts all day.

I’d love to know what mascaras are your favourites!

no7 Eyelash Curler




  1. Wow Kiko ultra tech mascara has done wonders. Looks amazing. I wonder if I can find this in the uk! If you are free, would be great if you could check out my blog on x

    1. Yeah it’s available to order in the UK which is amazing and it’s surprisingly cheap too! Yeah no problem, thanks for reading:)

  2. micaelanicander · · Reply

    wow! you seems to be right about the KIKO mascara, need to check that out next time in the store :)x

    1. You really do, it’s amazing! Thanks for reading xx

  3. nightdreamerz · · Reply

    I discovered KIKO while on holiday in Italy too. Haven’t tried this but sounds great from your blog I may have to try as mascaras are my fave make up product too. Just so you know too KIKO are also in Westfield in London 🙂 try their other stuff too they are affordable and amazing for the price xx

    1. I had no idea they actually had shops in the UK too! Thanks for letting me know. I shall have to try lots more stuff! Thanks for reading my blog:) xx

  4. That KIKO mascara, oh my goodness! I’m shocked at how reasonably priced it is too…looks like I’ve found my next mascara! 🙂

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it?! I can’t believe how reasonably priced the whole range is. I really want to order a load of things soon! Thanks for checking out my blog:)

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