No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick Review

Okay, so this week has been the launch of the new No7 lipstick match service. Basically, this means that the little No7 machine will register your skin colour and then find a lipstick to suit your skin colour. I love new things.

Because I’m literally the palest skin colour in the No7 match made service (Calico), lots of the lipsticks colours on offer were really quite bright. Bright colours are my favourite in lipsticks – go hard or go home people.


The colour I chose was Raspberry Blush in the Stay Perfect range. Absolutely beautiful colour. It’s a bright pink colour which looks fantastic on paler skin and I found it gives me an extra boost and makes me look more alive. Mainly, I use this colour on a night out because it can be a little much for daytime (well depending on where I’m going). I prefer lighter pink colours for daytime so I looking forward to trying more colours from the No7 range.

No7 Stay perfect Raspberry Blush

I’ve found that the lip colour stays on for a really long time throughout the day but it can be a little drying later on in the day. I think using it with a lipbalm later in the day would be a good idea or maybe apply it again when your lips start to feel dry. When the lipstick goes on first of all, it feels quite moisturising and doesn’t feel sticky like some other lipsticks I’ve tried. All in all, a lovely lipstick and definitely worth the money




  1. I love the Stay Perfect lipsticks too, but they are drying! I use them only once or twice a week and then use a more moisturising alternative inbetween.

    1. yeah it’s a shame that they are a little drying but i guess every product that claims to be long lasting always is

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