Travelling To Italy Part 3: Florence

Well I didn’t know this but apparently Florence is the second most visited city in Northern Italy. I guess it probably has something to do with all the incredible artwork featured in the city and all the amazing culture that it is home to. Especially the statues in the streets and the paintwork in the church. Guys, Florence is breathtaking.


As a city, the whole architecture and artwork was amazing and it was so easy to appreciate. But Florence was ‘busy busy’ as our guide liked to say. This sort of ruined the trip for me in a way. Everywhere you looked, there were ques for all the museums and basically any place that seemed cultural so if you wanted to visit them, you would waste a lot of time waiting in queues. This made me sad. But maybe I’ll go back to Florence one day to tick this off my bucket list.


But we did get to go inside the cathedral which was one of the major attractions of the city. I’m not really religious at all but even I could understand how beautiful and how much work went into creating the cathedral. No only was the outside one big work of art but so was the inside also.


Pre warning before going into the church though, women have to make sure that their shoulders and knees are covered. People that didn’t were told that they wouldn’t be allowed inside which saw some disappointed people.

There was a lot to see in Florence. One of my favourite things was the bridges that had houses on them. Now they aren’t houses anymore (they’re mostly jewellery shops) but it still looked amazing. Sadly some of the houses got destroyed in World War II and were never rebuilt, but it was nice to see the ones that have remained.


Across the other side of the bridge there were so many shops and even a castle! But our guide kept us on the other side of the bridge in the square and with the chapel because I guess there was just more going on across that side of the bridge culturally. I would have liked to venture further in this direction but sadly we didn’t really have enough time. But I always make sure I have enough time to see the castles.


I know the main attractions of the square was meant to be the art and historical buildings, and I sound so stereotypically female saying this but I was completely drawn to the Chanel shop sitting on the corner of the square. It’s like seeing a Vogue advert in real life. I know, I’m sad. The doors were of course shut, and only a certain amount of people were allowed into the shop at any one time. But let’s be honest, I couldn’t have afforded any of their stock anyway so I was happy enough to casually window shop.


I think I’d like to go back to Florence in a season that is a little quieter. Then I’d get to see some more of the museums which was one of the main reasons I wanted to go to the city in the first place. All in all a lovely place though but you know, don’t go in busy tourist season. My mistake.


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