Travelling to Italy Part 2: the Dolomites

Here I have to admit, I’m really bad at geography. Like embarrassingly bad to the point where people end up looking at me like I’m crazy sometimes. So I’d never even heard of the Dolomites mountains before I went to Italy and was told about them by one of our guides. But the way that they were described to us really intrigued me, so I was obviously one of the first to put my name down for this trip.


Now, they were a really long drive away from Garda where I was staying. And by a long drive I mean a good few hours away on the bus. I usually hate bus journeys because I tend to get travel sick but this was so worth it. But before you take a look at my photos from this trip, let me tell you that I was nowhere near dressed correctly. Being Italy, I thought I’d wear my amazing Topshop denim shorts and maybe just a hoodie because I was going on top of a mountain after all. God I was wrong. There was SNOW on the mountains and it was ice cold to the point where I could feel myself turning blue. And there was me strutting around in my tiny short shorts. People were looking at me like ‘Girl are you crazy?’


But apart from the cold, it was an amazing experience with beautiful views . It was so high up and in such a beautiful area of Italy. One of my favourite things that I liked was that in the middle of the mountain, someone had created a heart shape out of the stones on the mountain. Incredibly cute so I papped a picture of it.


On the way to the mountains, we stopped off in some towns. Apparently we were extremely close to the Austrian borders. So, the towns we stopped off in made it seem like we had taken a slight detour and gone to Austria. In fact, some of the designs were Austrian design so it was like stepping into another world. Love it. That also made me visit Austria very soon and see more from their beautiful culture.


I’m surprised to say this but the Dolomites was one if my favourite trips in Italy. Despite not originally putting this on my places I want to visit, it was incredible and surprisingly so. But if you do go, wear more suitable clothing guys!



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