Travelling to Italy Part 1: Lake Garda

I’ve just got back from an amazing trip to Italy where I literally spent my time travelling all over the place to so many beautiful places. So my next few posts are going to be showing you guys what an absolutely wonderful place Italy is because yes, I did fall in love with it a little bit and I already want to go back.


So we stayed at this wonderful hotel called Hotel Terminus which was right on the lake front. As soon as we stepped out of the front door, we had a picturesque view of the lake. Waking up with that beautiful view and fresh, clean air definitely made me not want to come home. The staff were all so friendly and made such an effort with us but at the same time were not pushy at all. It’s nice to go to a new place and be surrounded by genuinely lovely people. And of course one thing I just HAVE to mention is that being the wonderful Italians that they are, the staff at Hotel Terminus served us afternoon tea everyday which meant a well needed cup of tea and a variety of cakes. This was a really great surprise and something that wasn’t mentioned in the brochure. So if you’re looking to go here, this is definitely something that may sway your opinion.

Of course, Italians are known for their food. By far my favourite resteraunt in the whole of Garda was Piccolos hotel. There are no words to describe how good the food was. I’m a BIG food lover so usually I can be a bit fussy with food that isn’t as good as I’d hope it to be but everything I had was incredible. Especially the steak. So much good steak!! And panna cotta. Delicious. We ended up visiting this restaurant several times over the course of our stay to the point that the staff actually start to recognise and spark up conversations with us!


The area itself was really lovely and I know it has a really good reputation all over the world. I know it’s a weird statement to make but one thing that really struck my attention was CLEAN the lake was. Usually I hate swimming in anything other than a swimming pool because usually you see something gross floating about in the water but I was actually happy to swim around in the lake and it was clear that the people of the area really care about keeping it tidy. I love that. But it was cold though. Brace yourself if you are thinking about jumping in and maybe don’t get in near the rocks. I made this mistake and almost got swept backwards. Yeah, don’t do that.


The whole area is surrounded by quirky little shops that you could easily spend all day in and none appear similar to each other. A nice surprise was that they weren’t all typical tourist-y types of shops that just want to sell you crap. But they actually featured shops with some designer brands and beautifully crafted Italian products. Yes I do want to spend my holiday looking at fancy designer bags, thank you Garda.

So many people said to me before I left that they were jealous that I was flying off to Garda. And now I can see why. What an amazing place. If you ever get the opportunity to go, do. It’s so relaxing and such a pretty area with great food and friendly people. Absolutely no complaints other than it rained a little. But hey, I’m from Wales so I’m used to it. And I got to see fork lightening for the first time, so that was pretty great too.

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