Helping With Nailcare Problems

I had fake nails put on a few weeks ago by my friend’s mama. And I absolutely loved them! They stopped me from biting my nails for a change and looked so fancy. But I was so sad when I had to take them off.

Really, I should have gone back to the shop to have them taken off professionally but I got a bit impatient and took them off by soaking my nails in acetone. Looking back, this may have been a mistake. I ended up having to peel the fake nail off which ended up ripping layers of my nail off.


My nails felt so thin they actually felt like paper. And as soon as I caught them on anything, they were splitting and snapping. This made me so sad! Especially after having fancy fake nails for a few weeks I now feel like my nails look tacky and horrible. I need to fix this!!


So I bought two beauty products to try help my nails along a little bit. The first was Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps. This product markets itself as being able to make your natural nails as hard as acrylics in 60 seconds. It’s a clear liquid with the same sort of texture as nail varnish. Now, I wouldn’t say that this product is anywhere near fantastic. My nails definitely didn’t get harder after one use. That might have been because my nails were so damaged but still, it didn’t do what it said on the tin. I wouldn’t recommend this. Probably the best product I’ve used of this type is Barry M base coat, top coat and nail hardener. I’ve run out of this and thought a more expensive product would be better but GOD I was wrong.

The next thing I bought was was No7 Nourishing Nail and Cuticle Care. A lot of products for cuticles tend to be oils but this product had more of a creamy texture. It’s a thin cream so it wasn’t too thick and disgusting. I really think this helped my cuticles almost straightaway and it did help even out my nail surface.


To be honest though I think the best thing I bought to help my nails was vitamins. I bought the Boots Skin, Hair and Nails vitamins and after a few days my nails are starting to feel stronger and not so papery. Not a glamorous fix like some of my other products but hey, if it works it works!


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