Hair Essentials: Invisibobble

Hello lovelies! My latest purchase today was a little one but one that I thought would be worth sharing with you all, especially if you share one of my pet hates. Basically, for work, I have to wear my hair up and I absolutely hate it because I REALLY hate the dent mark you get in your hair after you let it back down. So one of my friends recommended the ‘invisi bobble‘ to me. I thought, hey, I’ll give it a try.

photo (4)

Basically, it’s a pack of three bobbles that boast to being ‘traceless hair rings’. They’re priced at £3.75 for a pack of three (OR 3 FOR 2 IN BOOTS AT THE MOMENT) which does seem a little steep for hair bobbles but I suppose if they last longer than the usual flimsy hair bottles then it’s worth it. But their durability has yet to be seen because I only bought them today. They feel like plastic but they don’t get stuck in your hair or pull on my hair at all when I’m trying to take them out. And they’re really quite stretchy which   make them so easy to put in. Fabulous!

I guess that I only bought them for not leaving that annoying dent in my hair so as long as they do that, I’m a happy customer!

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