Estée Lauder Double Wear Light Review

Basically, I love trying new foundation products and in one of my posts I raved about Clinique Even Better foundation. Now, I’m still a fan of this foundation but I thought it was time for a bit of a change. I realised that I needed a foundation that stays completely in place all day because I’ve been working longer hours then meeting my friends after work and I don’t always have time for a quick make-up retouch.


So many bloggers have raved about Double Wear so I thought I’d give it a try. My mum has the original but I felt that it was a little too heavy for my skin so I was so pleased to find that they have started doing a lighter version.

I was a little weary that because the foundation was lighter, it might not have the same staying power as the original. I expressed this concern with the lady working on the Estée Lauder counter but she told me that it had the exact same staying power as the original but it just has a lighter texture. I was a little weary of this comment because lighter foundation tend to just not stay on my face for very long at all. However, I was quite impressed with the results.

The foundation comes in a squeezey tube (which I love). The original comes in a glass bottle and I always seem to get in a mess with those types of foundations. The texture of the foundation is light and creamy which makes it easy to blend into your skin. One of my favourite things about this foundation is that it has a completely matte finish without drying my skin out. Perfect!


I have to say, I was so incredibly impressed with it’s staying power and it’s probably one of the best foundations I’ve ever tried. I definitely prefer this to the Clinique foundation (even though that’s nice too!). However, one of the downfalls of this foundation is the price. At £28.50, it’s quite a steep price for a foundation but I think the results are worth it. I definitely think one of the things you should splurge on in your makeup bag is foundation because it’s the base for your whole makeup. Let me know if you guys have tried it and if you agree!

Happy shopping makeup lovers!


  1. I love Double Wear Light! I actually have both the original and Light and I still cant make up my mind which is my favourite. I think DW Light is easier to apply and blend, as I feel like the original needs blending more quickly as it dries faster. But as far as staying power I think the Light definitely matches with the original, but feels a lot lighter on the skin. It has amazing staying power which is great for when you don’t have time to re do your foundation in the evening. I also think this is a much more convenient packaging to carry in a make-up bag and squeeze the last bit of contents out and much prefer the squeezy tube to glass bottle.

    1. I agree I’d much rather have a squeezy tube than a bottle. I love the light formula and I find that’s enough coverage for my skin and it doesn’t budge all day. Thanks for reading:)

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