Tangle Teezer Love

I’ve wanted a tangle teezer for such a long time but I’ve never felt like I can justify paying £10.99 for a hairbrush (basically). Oh the problems of student life! But last weekend I used my trusty Boots advantage card points to treat myself to one of these after a hard week of uni work and work.

For as long as I can remember, my hair has always been incredibly knotty, no matter how much conditioner products I used on my hair. As a child, this was incredibly frustrating and my mum was forever ripping out my hair trying to brush out all the tangles. SO. MUCH. PAIN.

tangle teezer pink

So that was my reason for justifying this purchase – I was sick of trying to rip out tangles. To be fair though it doesn’t take me much convincing to buy things after a tough week. So as a typical girly girl, I bought a pink version. So pretty and bright which makes it ridiculously easy to find in the bottom of my bag.  I have to say though, I was so incredibly impressed with this product. When people said that it detangles your hair without any pain, they were literally not kidding. This brushes my hair out so smoothly, doesn’t make it frizzy and my hair actually stays tame and de-frizzed for quite a long period of time.

image (13)

I’m so glad I finally bought one! Have you guys got yours yet? I think this is one of the products that every girl should have in her possession! Let me know what you think!


  1. jacquelyng56 · · Reply

    I got one of these a while back and use it alongside my normal brush. It’s good but I wish it had a handle xx

    1. I think it would be good if it had a handle because then I think it would be even easier to get large knots out. Thanks for reading:)

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