Is Protein For Girls Too?

Recently, I’ve been reading discussion pieces in women’s health magazines and on blogs I follow about whether protein should be used for women too. From a personal viewpoint, I’ve never really used protein shakes/ bars before and haven’t even really considered it. I tended to follow the stereotype of thinking ‘Oh I’m a girl, why would I need to take protein? It’ll just make you look manly!’ But actually, I’m starting to think that maybe I might have been slightly wrong.

Usually, I tend to just go the gym and do a lot of cardio exercises because I want to lose weight and tone up. And with the help of my trusty Nike+ app, I’ve actually become quite a bit fitter and have lost a lot of weight (and been told so yay, just what every girl wants to hear!). But, I’ve recently been thinking about doing some weight training and taking protein myself. I’ve read that it helps you tone up, loose fat but tone up muscle at the same time. What’s not to love about that? I was also thinking about starting boxercise classes so I want to be a little bit stronger before starting these classes.


So this week, me and two of my friends have started doing weights and I’ve started eating protein bars/ drinking protein shakes to see if it will actually make any difference to my body. Fingers crossed! Only time will tell what difference this will make! Hopefully I’ll get around to posting progress pictures if I’m brave enough. Now usually I know most girls think that if they take protein, they will look overly buff like a lot of men at the gym. But in actual fact, women can’t get to that stage without taking testosterone. Apparently, taking protein will just help women firm and tone muscles up by helping the muscles repair after exercise.


What do you guys think? Have you done this sort of routine? Let me know if it’s working for you!


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