Fall Out Boy on Tour!

On the weekend, I’m so happy to report that I actually had tickets to the Fall Out Boy concert in Cardiff. I have been waiting to see this band for years and have remained a big fan throughout my teenage years. And it’s fair to say, they didn’t disappoint!

Fall Out Boy Live Acoustic Set

Supporting them were New Politics and the Pretty Reckless. I have to say that I haven’t really listened to any of these bands that much in the past, but New Politics really got the crowd going and made me want to go home and listen to some of their other music. Although the Pretty Reckless didn’t get the crowd going in the same way, Taylor Momsen was really good live (in my opinion anyways).

Fall Out Boy opened with Phoenix which obviously instantly got the crowd excited and jumping around. The big screen behind them showing different music videos really added atmosphere and helped the stage look really bright and as though lots was going on. The audience (Including me) were singing along all night and I felt constantly surrounded by dedicated fans which was nice, because I hate people who just jump on the bandwagon. One of the best things about the whole performance was the interactivity with the crowd. Pete Wentz was REALLY good at talking to the crowd and at one point, even asked the crowd to move back a few steps so that the people in front could have a bit more breathing room. They also took some time and set up a stage at the back of the audience to do a short acoustic set. This was one of the best parts of the whole show performance wise. Patrick Stump was incredible singing live and sounded so similar to the record.

Fall Out Boy Cardiff

I would love to go see these again after they release another album, such an impressive live band! And I think it’s really great to see a band that actually seem to be bothered about their fans. Have any of you guys seen them live? What did you think?

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