Lush: Mask of Magnaminty


Recently, I feel like my skin has lost a little bit of its’ natural glow and my pores seem to be annoyingly acting up lately, probably due to wearing make-up for 90% of the time. I’m sure many other females reading this will feel my pain. So obviously, my best solution was to take a trip to Lushย to see what kind of face masks or face treatments they have on offer.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

After speaking to one of the assistants (yes, I know I love getting product advice), I came across Mask of Magnaminty. It’s one of their face masks that you don’t have to refrigerate and I’d never even come across this before. It’s a nice alternative to the Lush fresh face masks because even though they feel amazing and smell delicious, it does get a bit expensive replacing them constantly. Basically, this is a face mask that has natural antibacterials in it which help treats problems in your skin. It also has natural oils which help give your skin a bit of a boost and appear more radiant. This sounded amazing and was exactly what I wanted. But I was really sad because they didn’t have any pots in stock! So, I was so pleased that one of the assistants gave me a sample of the product to take home and try until they had new stock. Brilliant!

I’m so impatient so I used this mask straight away when I got home. It has a lovely minty smell to it which makes the whole face mask experience feel even more refreshing. One of the main things that I always love about Lush products is that you never have to use loads of a product at each use and this face mask was also the same. It spread really easily and I had to use hardly anything to cover my face completely, especially because it has quite a thick texture. It didn’t take very long for the face mask to harden and set and was really easy to wash off with warm water. After using this product I felt like my pores had been cleared out completely and my skin felt so smooth that I couldn’t stop smoothing my cheeks for a few minutes. I was so pleased with the results and I know I will be going back to buy a larger pot in the next few days. There are so many different variations of the Lush face masks and for so many different skin issues. So take a look at them because they’re definitely worth it! What are your favourites guys?



    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I love all the Lush products so hopefully it’ll be a bit of help for people searching for the right product for them!

      1. I love all there products too. They are amazing. Check out my blog when you get a chance

      2. i shall thank you for reading mine too:)

      3. No problem at all

  1. Love this mask! Better than any of the fresh ones I have tried ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. yeah I think so too! and because it’s not fresh it lasts longer so much better value for money!

  2. […] me in any way and the products always last for such a long time. I reviewed their facemask, Mask of Magnaminty, a couple of months ago so please feel free to check that out too! But today, I want to talk about […]

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