Las Iguanas Love

I’ve been eating out a lot this week like the little fatty I am. Usually I tend to go for places that aren’t too expensive (student life). And a couple of days ago I tried Las Iguanas in Cardiff for the first time. It’s a Mexican restaurant and I usually avoid them because I don’t really like spicy food AT ALL. It just makes me feel like my mouth is on fire and I don’t find that appealing. But this place was just something different.

For starters I had calamari for the first time. I’ve been told that sometimes this can taste super rubbery if it’s overcooked. But I have to say I was really impressed with it and made me feel like WHY HAVEN’T I TRIED THIS BEFORE??

Calamari starter at Las Iguanas

Then for my main meal I had fajitas with chicken strips. My favourite part of this was the chicken cooked with vegetables. It was cooked perfectly and the chicken was extra tasty because it was with all the vegetables. The sour cream with the fajitas was also amazing. I love sour cream anyways and if I can smother chicken in it, that’s like my two favourite things together.

Fajita Kit at Las Iguanas

Chicken Fajitas at Las Iguanas

I can say this place is going to become one of my favourites and I will definitely be returning again really soon and will more than likely make my friends addicts too. There were so many good things on the menu and il be so excited to try more of it!

Take a lot at the mouthwatering menu for yourself:
Las iguanas Restaurant

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