Viva Brazil Comes To Town

Last night, me and my friends went on a food outing and thought we would try Viva Brazil as it’s a new addition to the Cardiff food scene and a quick look at the website made me extremely tempted. As most of you know, it’s really hard to go out for food and eat healthy unless you have a boring green salad, chicken and no dressing. Not exactly an interesting dinner choice. Viva Brazil is the way to go if you want to eat better and have a bit of variety.

Viva Brazi Meat Card

Basically, the concept is that you pay ยฃ24.95 for unlimited food. Sounds good already, right? Then their meat servers move from table to table, carving guests a meat of their choice. There were 15 types of meat on offer last night from Rump Steak to chicken heart (that one didn’t tempt me but I guess it’s an unusual choice for those who want to try new things). Each table has disks on their table with one side that’s red and says ‘No Thanks!’ and another that’s green and says ‘Yes Please!’. These disks let you know when you want meat brought to your table and when you need to have a break from eating. This proved very useful and if you accidently leave your card turned on green, food keeps appearing!

Viva Brazil Yes/No cards

They also have a ‘Salad Island’ which provides you with sides to go with your meat from chips, to olives, to salad, to rice. I literally felt spoilt for choice and made the mistake of completely loading my plate because I wanted to eat everything. I was so impressed though with the amount of options available compared to a lot of salad bars that give you just a basic lettuce and cucumber option.

Viva Brazil Salad Island

I left feeling very full indeed. One of my favourite things about this place is the fact that most places say unlimited food but usually restrict how much meat you get. Viva Brazil does not and actually encourages you to try all the meats available in the restaurant. The waiters were all extremely friendly too and the service was good which was especially impressive because of how busy it was (primetime dinnertime at 8 o’clock). I would recommend this place highly and I actually can’t wait to go back!

Take a look at the website, it will make your mouth water! – Viva Brazil

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