The Return of First Dates!

Hey Guys!

I am so excited tonight for the return of Channel 4’s First Dates. My brother recommended the show to me last summer after he stumbled across it and I thought I’d take a look and see how good it was. I can actually say, it was brilliant. I am officially a fan. But it never takes me long to get hooked on a TV show. Are any of you the same? God I hope so!

It’s a reality TV show where singletons go on first dates to the ‘first dates restaurant’ with people that they have met through the Channel 4 first dates websites. It’s really nice where you get to see people with really successful first dates and it almost gives you a bit of hope (soppy, I know). But the best part is when people have awkward dates and don’t quite know what to do. Because In a weird way, this is quite entertaining TV. In my opinion, this whole show is easy to relate to because you can understand how hard it is to meet and get along with new people. What do you guys think?.

Even if you don’t tend to like reality TV shows, I would say for you to at least watch one episode and give it a go. It’s such an easy show to get into (I’ve already made most of my friends watch it) and it’s so easy to get addicted to, so have a look! Channel 4, Wednesdays at 10pm. Get on it people and let me know what you think!

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