Mini Beauty Haul

Whilst out shopping this week, I was extremely tempted into purchasing a few new beauty goodies from Boots so I thought I’d share my experience with you guys. It really doesn’t take much to convince me to buy expensive make-up, I’m sure I have a problem.

clinique CC Cream

First up is Clinique’s Moisture Surge CC Cream. Because I’m so pale, I had to get this in a light colour. I was tempted by this because my complexion is quite uneven and is quite red in certain places. This CC cream boasts about being a hydrating colour corrector, which is perfect for my dry skin. I was also pleased that it has an SPF 30 in it so if I want to wear this without foundation, I can and it will protect my skin from sun which is great (my nose always goes bright red in the sun unfortunately). I personally use this on top of my primer and before my foundation because I find that it evens out my skin tone nicely before putting on my foundation. For once, it makes my skin look completely even, WINNING. I would definitely recommend this product to people with uneven skin tones. The brand is quite expensive and this product is £28.00 so if you’re going to get it, be sure you’ll love it first of all. The good part is though, a little blob goes a long way. It comes out a darker colour and as you smooth it into your skin, it adapts to your skin colour. Lovely.

BareMinerals Touch Up Viel

Then I bought a translucent powder from Bare Minerals called Touch Up Viel. Usually, I tend to go for loose powder but I thought I’d have a change and buy a pressed powder. I do love this powder. I’ve only had it for a few days and I’m a massive fan of it. It’s quite a light powder and sets your foundation really well. It doesn’t appear shiny and I have to use very little for it to set my make-up. What I like most is the fact that lots doesn’t crumble off on your brush like a lot of other pressed powders. I don’t know how I justified paying £22.00 for a powder but now I’ve spent that money, I realise that you really do get what you pay for. Definitely a lot better than so many of the other powders I’ve purchased recently.

Lancome Bi-Facil

The last thing I bought was the Lancome Bi- Facil eye make-up remover. I first had this in a set for Christmas along with the mascara and a pencil eyeliner. It is safe to say that before this set, I completely underestimated the importance of eye make-up remover. But using wipes just ended up in me ripping out so many of my eyelashes I realised that if I didn’t make a change soon, my eyelashes would be no more. I had tried some eye make-up removers before but none of them really impressed me. But this one, is just wow. Not only does it take my make-up off smoothly, it doesn’t burn my eyes at all (which is quite unusual for most skincare products). The only criticism that I could make is that sometimes I do have to use a lot to get my make-up off but that’s probably partly my fault and how much mascara/ liquid eyeliner that I use. This product is £21.00 but I would say that it’s worth the money because my miniature bottle lasted me for a few weeks so I can’t imagine how long the large bottle is going to last.

I was so pleased with all of these purchases. If you guys want to try them before buying, I’d recommend going to the make-up counters and asking about the products and asking if you’d be able to try them first. After all, the same products don’t always work for everyone. Happy shopping!

Take a look at the products on the Boots website and have a look at a few other reviews to help you make your mind up:

Clinique CC Cream

Bare Minerals Touch Up Viel 

Lancome Bi-Facil

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  1. jacquelyng56 · · Reply

    The mineral veil is great. I have both the loose and pressed versions and love them both. I only recently hit pan on the pressed one and have been using it for a year. Xx

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