Advertising Fail

As it’s usually on television in between soaps and general daytime television, I’m sure more of you by now would have seen the Flora ‘Wrestling’ advert. If you haven’t watch the video for it. I’m sure you’ll notice straightaway how blatantly obvious it is that the whole advert is centred around the children walking in on the parents having sex. What is really creepy about this is that the two children and the dog stand there staring at their parents ‘wrestling’.

I was wondering if anyone else feels this isn’t a really appropriate advert for selling butter? Although the advert is really geared towards parents and can be considered to be funny, I think it hasn’t been taken into consideration that children will actually see this too and they aren’t as clueless as some adults think they are. It seems quite silly to me that advertisers can’t think of any other idea other than sex to market a product, even when it is just butter. I think some parents would definitely find this unsuitable, especially because it is broadcast throughout the day and not just in between more adult programmes. It is really suggestive and quite strange to see a cartoon in this way. My house mate is constantly cringing at this, especially the end of the advert where the father whispers to the mother and she attempts to fix her hair and makes it look like something is stuck in there.

The advert has had over 500 complaints to the ASA and has even sparked discussions on websites such as Mumsnet. However, due to the fact that it has an ‘ex-kids’ restriction (which means that it can’t be broadcast between shows directly targeted towards under 16s), the ASA has chosen not to investigate the matter further. Surely though, children are still going to see this advert so it doesn’t really restrict the advert much in any way.

I think the point of the advert is to show that family life isn’t all easy going and such and is meant is a lighthearted way, but I don’t think it gives off as much of a family image as intended and wouldn’t really make me want to go buy their product. Flora argues that a lot of consumers say that they like the advert and found it funny but I think I’ll stick to Clover thank you.

To read another article on the advert click on the link below:

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