Carters rule the Grammys 2014

I think so many people this week have been raving about the Grammys 2014, especially the performance of Beyonce and Jay-Z with Drunk In Love. To be honest, it is so easy to see why. Beyonce does tend to have a loyal following where people become insanely enthusiastic whenever she releases new music or does live performances, and this performance was no exception. Fans have gone crazy since the release of her new surprising new album BEYONCE. (I have to say I am a big fan of her new album and Drunk in love specifically). If you haven’t had a listen already, do so right now.

Beyonce looked absolutely beautiful in both her stage outfit and her white dress that she wore on the red carpet for the ceremony. Lots of articles surrounding her outfits have focused on how much weight Beyonce has lost due to various diets which has now left her at a tiny UK size 6. The white dress is said to be based on New York winter wonderland and although it is quite revealing, the detail on the dress is incredible. It was easy to see how toned and slim Beyonce is in her stage outfit. The black revealing outfit made me (and probably the rest of the female population) envy her perfectly toned legs and stomach. Jay-Z is one lucky guy!article-2546526-1AFCBF2E00000578-807_306x736

Arguably, the power couple are so captivating because they just always look good together. Despite the fact that it was quite a simple performance with just the two of them on stage, the audience just couldn’t take their eyes off the Carters. I think everyone found themselves a little envious of the couple, especially because they just looked so in love with each other even after years of being together and after having little Blue Ivy.  Perfomances like this seriously make shows like the Grammys. In all honesty, I haven’t even watched the whole award ceremony because it just seems like a popularity contest rather than awards given on the talent of the actual music (at least some of the time anyway).


It was so adorable when Jay Z accepted his award and say “I wanna tell Blue Ivy, look daddy has a gold sippy cup for you!” Personally, I think it’s such a good thing that despite being so successful, the couple seem to go back to core family values. Throughout the ceremony, there were shots of Beyonce and Jay-Z in the audience looking completely smitten and genuinely happy to be around each other. Awwww.


However, there has been some negative backlash to the performance. An Independent online article published today reported how parents, especially, have reacted negatively to the performance saying how it appeared too sexually explicit for children to view it and it was too explicit for the time of the broadcast. The article also criticises Beyonce for ‘ditch[ing] her feminist front in favour of a leather thong’. In fairness, although it strays from her claim of being an independent woman, should we really be criticising her for celebrating having a still passionate and healthy relationship with her husband? But in some ways, I can agree that music awards lately would not be considered appropriate for younger children (eg Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke). As a parent, I wouldn’t want my child to think prancing around in a thong for the attention of a man is acceptable but maybe that’s the feminist in me talking there. Who knows.

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