The Liebster Award!

Hey guys so I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Emily Burrows. I love her blog and it’s full of make-up reviews, especially good if you have oily skin so you seriously need to check out her blog and have a look around there. I’m sure you’ll find some posts you’ll love.


So back to the Liebster Award. It’s especially for blogs with a small number of followers and it helps you find more blogs you’d like to follow as well as having people check out your blog too. It’s like one big online friendship circle to put it in simple terms. It’s such a good idea but there’s some rules to go along with this:

1. You must link back to the person who nominated you
2. You must answer the 11 questions given my the person who nominated you
3. You must nominate 11 of your favourite blogs and give them 11 of your own questions to answer
4. You can’t nominate back the person who nominated you … and finally …
5. Make sure you let the bloggers know you’ve nominated them by sending them a message!

So to answer the questions from Emilykburr:

1. What was the first make up product you ever owned and how old were you?

I think I must have been about 9 and I went through a stage of being completely and utterly obsessed with lip glosses. It would drive my mum insane because I’d end up leaving them all around the house and I’d have at least 3 in my school bag. I’m pretty sure my first lipgloss was a Natural Collection colour in a light pink. It made me feel so girly and I thought I was so grown up haha!

2. How would you describe your style?

I find it really hard to define my style because I end up buying such a random mixture of clothes because I become attached to the most random items. Especially for uni though I tend to live in converse, jeans and a collection of jumpers, especially because it’s winter. I hate winter though, I need summer back in my life.

3. What is/was your favourite subject in school?

My favourite subject was probably English. I just loved writing things and I love reading lots of different books. It probably helped a lot aswell that my english teacher was really supportive and gave me lots of helpful advice and spent so much time with us individually that you never felt like you’d just slipped through the cracks.

4. Do you have any siblings?

Yes, I have an older brother who’s 25 now named Mark. We get along really well, probably because we are so different and because there is a 6 year age gap between us. He literally spoils me rotten.

5. If you could have any hair colour and type in the world, what would it be?

I would love my hair to be a little lighter than it is now. Probably a dark blonde colour. I would love to dye my hair but I’m always too scared that my skin tone is too pale to deal with such a light colour. Maybe one day, just not now.

6. Blue eyes or brown eyes?

I absolutely love blue eyes. I just think they’re so striking and beautiful.

7. What’s the name of your current favourite blush?

Ummmm I have a Revlon blusher which I think is called Blushing Berry. It’s a really nice colour and stays on for way longer than a lot of other blushers.

8. If you had to choose between TV or music, which would it be?

This is such a hard question. I listen to my iPod every single day whenever I leave the house but I am a total addict for American TV shows like Desperate Housewives and the Vampire Diaries etc. I’d probably choose TV just because I don’t know how I’d cope without new TV shows.

9. Are you a neat or messy person?

I’m quite a neat person. I like things to be structured and for everything to have a place. If things are left out of place for any length of time it starts to really bug me.

10. Sweet or savoury?

I used to be a really intense sweet person fan but as I’ve got older I’ve started to prefer savoury things. I literally love olives and I think I have a serious problem.

11. If you had to pick one make up brand to buy ALL products from, which would it be?

This is difficult because I think every make-up brand has its’ strengths and its’ weaknesses. I would probably pick Benefit though because it has such good marketing and the majority of products that I buy from there make me very happy.



1. What is your favourite make-up brand and why?

2. What is your favourite TV show?

3. What is your most rated album of 2013?

4. Why did you decide to start a blog and what do you prefer to write about?

5. What is your favourite mascara?

6. What are your most visited websites?

7. What do you prefer running, cycling or walking?

8. Would you describe yourself more as outgoing or a bit shy and introverted?

9. Where is your favourite place to shop?

10. Name your favourite place in the world.

11. Where would you like to visit in the future and why?


I would like to nominate:

sophjadexo , tessadet , Jeyna Grace , jennysfitness , csdfitness, Jules , stylechi , williamthebutler , themakeupbulletin , rainu87 , raindropsonroses

Thanks guys, hope you nominees have a good at this too.


  1. #8 Introverted. I’m not really the outgoing type, unless it’s something I’m interested in 🙂

    Thanks for the nomination! I appreciate it 🙂

  2. […] post is specially for the 2 ladies who nominated me: Rachel and Alice Louisa.  Please if you have a moment, check out their adorable […]

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