Katie Hopkins, Go Away Please

Kelly Osbourne- Katy Hopkins Row

In the last few months there has been a lot of talk surrounding Katie Hopkins and her blunt opinions on things from childhood obesity, to whether children should be allowed to be friends with other children with certain names (like tiffany). And her opinions just seem to be more blunt and insulting almost every time. Which poses the question, does this woman like being the most despised woman in Britain? Or does she just like being in the media consistently?

The latest outrage that she seems to have caused is her Twitter war with Kelly Osbourne over the comments made on Sharon Osbourne’s plastic surgery. The argument came into being after Katie wrote in her column in Best magazine: ‘Sharon reckons her time on the panel may be up. Either way, if she is going to look this good next year she will need to bulk buy plastic.’

But Kelly responded on her Twitter with: ‘U R a hypocritical vile human that is addicted 2 attention U R so insignificant! Don’t you ever talk about my mother again!#India.’


When Kelly hash tagged #india it was a clear reference to Katie’s argument on This morning which stated that children should not be named after places! Despite the fact that Katie named her child India. I think at this moment when the audience found out this fact, everyone looked at Katie Hopkins and thought, what kind of person is Katie Hopkins to think she’s better than other mothers? Like, how hypocritical? No one likes to be criticised on how they raise their children and I think comments on naming sparked a large response from mums (who would be This Morning’s prime audience). She has also appeared on This Morning saying that parents should tell their children when they are overweight and blaming parents for bad eating behaviours. There are numerous controversial comments we have seen her make in the last few months and it’s questionable whether she actually believes all the things she spouts or if she just craves attention.

The Twitter war appeared to get more intense as both females fired insults at the other. But despite Kelly getting more aggressive and swearing at Katie Hopkins, I’m definitely with Kelly Osbourne on this one. I’m so fed up with Katie Hopkins’ mean comments and thinking she’s better than the rest of the world. It’s also quite upsetting that the media keep letting her voice an opinion just because she sparks a debate. She needs to go away now please.

For more on the Kelly Osbourne story click here:


Kelly Osbourne Katy Hopkins

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