The Five Best Dry Skin Solutions

So today I’m doing a post about my favourite products that match my skin type perfectly and which will hopefully give some advice to people who share the same annoying problems. I have very dry skin which means I need to basically bathe in moisturiser everyday to stop my skin from feeling horrible, dry and uncomfortable. Over the past few years I must have spent a good few hundred pounds searching for a body moisturiser that helped my eczema as well as keeping my skin hydrated and nicely moisturised. This is definitely not an easy task to find. Many people recommend E45 products to help cope with eczema but personally I do not rate these products at all. I found them to be quite drying and didn’t really help to clear up my eczema as much as I would have liked. After searching far and wide, I have found my perfect product. Aveeno body lotion is just incredible. My favourite product within the range is Skin Relief Shea butter body lotion. It has a soothing, creamy effect and I like the fact that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance to it. Within a couple of uses, I found that it virtually cleared up my eczema and keeps my skin feeling smooth. I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering through bad skin this winter; it’s definitely a winner.

Aveeno Skin Relief

My next problem then was finding a face moisturiser. I am completely aware that most reviews tell you that if you have problem, dry skin, people will tell you that going for Simple is the best option. I used Simple for a while but I found that it was going quite greasy on my skin and because of that, it gave me a few spots and didn’t really clear up the dry patches on my face so it was really frustrating. So it was really obvious that I needed something different. To be honest, I was really lucky that the first premium make up counter that I went to, Benefit, had a moisturiser that seemed perfect for my face. The woman I spoke to on the Benefit counter in Boots in Cardiff was extremely helpful. If I could give any advice, it would be to speak to people on different counters, explain to them the problems that you have with your skin and ask them to try different products on your face before buying them because taking a chance on things can get really expensive. I ended up getting the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream. It’s quite a thick moisturiser but it goes in really well and it doesn’t leave a greasy layer on your skin as it absorbs nicely. I use it for daytime and I apply it before I go to bed. I like the fact that it doesn’t have SPF protection because then it allows me to use it as a night cream also. Although it’s £27.50 I wouldn’t say this product is particularly overpriced because it lasts for, on average, 6 months when used twice a day sparingly. You don’t need to apply excessive amounts for it to be effective.

Benefit Total Moisture Face Cream

Another problem that I had was getting foundation to stay in place on my face. Due to the fact that my skin is so dry, any product that I put on my face, my skin just seems to suck all the moisture from it. This makes it really difficult to find a foundation that doesn’t look like it peeled off halfway through the day. I have tried so many foundations that claim to stay on your face or hydrate your skin. Some examples of these are the Revlon ColorStay for Normal/Dry which basically peeled off my face and showed up all of my dry patches. This was not a good look and a really regret buying this product. However, my friend uses the oily skin variant and it’s really incredible for her. So in short, not for dry skin. Another foundation that I tried was the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation. This was such a disappointment to me because I love Benefit cosmetics but this one just did nothing for me and came off within 2 hours of applying it. Sad times. So I tried the Clinique counter and ended up asking them for advice and they recommended a foundation called Even Better. I am completely in love with it. You need a really small amount and you get a nice, even medium coverage. What I like about it mostly is that it stays on without clinging to certain parts of my face and it doesn’t a really orange look. Because I’m so pale, sometimes even the lighter foundation colours appear to be really orange on me. It’s a small-ish bottle of 30ml and costs £24 but because you need so little in the application, it lasts for about 3 months.

Clinique Even Better Foundation

To go with my foundation, I needed a really good primer to help my foundation set and just help it along a little bit. The first primer I tried was a No7 primer called Beautifully Matte Make Up Base. This just didn’t work for me because of the bad condition of my skin.  But I would recommend it if your skin is oily. My housemate loves it!  Recently, I’ve been torn between two primers: the Benefit PoreFessional and Smashbox Hydrating Photo Finish. I’ve used PoreFessional for quite some time now and I think it’s really good for covering your pores and making your skin look flawless. The only reason I decided to try the Smashbox primer was because I felt that Porefessional wasn’t hydrating enough for my skin so the foundation seemed to sink through it. I find with the Smashbox Photo Finish my skin feels smoother for longer in the day and it stops my foundation being absorbed for moisture. However, it doesn’t hide pores as well as the Porefessional does so I would say both primers have different strengths but at the moment I do prefer Smashbox because it’s winter and my skin needs more hydration.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

The last product that I want to discuss is lip butter. There are so many lip products out there to choose from and I know a really popular lip product is the Vaseline tins. After using these for a while, it starts to have a reverse effect for me and made my lips crack and dry out. It took so long to go away and get back to normal because I was so reluctant to put new products on my lips for fear that it would just keep getting worse. I decided to buy the Nivea Raspberry Rose lip butter just because it was cheap and I really like raspberries. This is a gorgeous lip butter, it has a slightly pink tint to it and smells like raspberries and my friends always tell me that I smell like it. You can use it as much as you like without it having a reverse effect and I would say that Nivea have quite reliable lip products.

Nivea Lip Butter Raspberry Rose

So that’s everything that I found absolutely essential in keeping my skin looking and feeling normal. I know there’s so many products to wade through before you find the perfect one so I’m hoping this post was quite helpful and informative for any of you people with annoyingly dry skin.


  1. I have really dry skin so this was a useful read! Nice post 🙂

    1. Thank you. Dry skin has gotta be the worst!

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  4. Really found this post helpful as I have horribly dry skin all year round! I will definitely try some of these products since winter is coming up. 🙂 Another great post, glad I followed you.. I look forward to reading more!

    1. Thank you so much:) yeah some of those products are amazing and I still stand by them! Love your blog too – glad we found each other:)

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